BBMEDIA is an application level media player for Android. It provides an alternative to Android’s MediaPlayer API for

  • Playing audio and video both locally and over the Internet.
  • DLNA features




BBMEDIA modules can be obtained from JCenter. It’s also possible to clone the repository and depend on the modules locally.

From JCenter



Cloning the repository and depending on the modules locally is required when using some BBMEDIA modules. It’s also a suitable approach if you want to make local changes to BBMEDIA, or if you want to use a development branch.

First, clone the repository into a local directory and checkout the desired branch:

git clone
cd ~/bbmedia
git submodule init
git submodule update

Next, add the following to your project’s settings.gradle file, replacing path/to/bbmedia with the path to your local copy:

gradle.ext.bbmediaRoot = 'path/to/bbmedia'
gradle.ext.bbmediaModulePrefix = 'bbmedia-'
apply from: new File(gradle.ext.bbmediaRoot, 'core_settings.gradle')

You should now see the BBMEDIA modules appear as part of your project. You can depend on them as you would on any other local module, for example:

implementation project(':bbmedia-core')
implementation project(':bbmedia-presenter')
implementation project(':bbmedia-model')

Developing BBMEDIA

Project branches


Using Android Studio

To develop BBMEDIA using Android Studio, simply open the BBMEDIA project in the root directory of the repository.