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Technical Note for Developing Embedded Media Devices, Set-Top-Boxes, Broadband TV, DVR, etc.

[DLNA][2]Introduce DLNA features

I. DLNA documents These documents are very important for you to implement a DLNA application, you must understand them in detail UPNP Specification AV Architecture: to understand how DMS & DMR work, you should review this specs which describes interoperability between these DLNA components. UPnP-av-AVArchitecture-vX-XXXXXXXX.pdf DMS specification UPnP-av-MediaServer-vX-Device-XXXXXXXX.pdf: describes Media Server itself such as device

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[DLNA][1]UPnP Technical Basic

I. What is UPnP Technology Refer to [UPnP™ Device Architecture 1.1] Plug and Play (PnP) means that you can connect a device or insert a card into your computer and it is automatically recognized and configured to work in your system. Figure 1. Universal Plug and Play UPnPUPnP extends this simplicity to include the entire

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